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My name is Larry Chitwood. I am a United Methodist Pastor, a lucky Husband, a proud Grandfather, an Anti-Racist, and an advocate for peace and justice for all people. I serve a Church in suburban Memphis, Tennessee and I lean into an Alternative Orthodoxy in the tradition John Wesley - meaning that I believe the church is always growing, always learning, and always changing. That change comes through the power and presence of The Holy Spirit, it is a gift from God, and it comes from without and within. I am happy to share my research and collection of John Wesley's writings which support my understanding of Wesley's Alternative Orthodoxy with anyone interested.

Episode 1: Seeking Silence

This is the first in a series of post sharing what I’ve learned from God and from a half dozen or so spiritual friends – who just happen to live inside a state prison. My hope is that you will … Continue reading

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God’s Subversive Imagination

I feel I have long been attuned to God’s subversive imagination. I remember being in Church as a child and teenager and thinking to myself:  Is this it? Is all this fuss about nothing more than a list of do’s … Continue reading

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