Cardiognosis and the Intersection of Christian Mysticism and Social Justice

According to the online Catholic Dictionary, Cardiognosis is “Literally ‘knowledge of the heart.’ The special charism that God confers on some people to know the moral and spiritual condition of a person without self-manifestation. ”

It is more than human intuition or empathy but is certainly not ESP or mind-reading. Cardiognosis is having a knowing heart. A heart – that’s heart in the spiritual sense – that connects with the joys and with the sufferings of others.

I would say that those we know as Christian Mystics -both ancient and modern – are blessed with the charism or gift of Cardiognosis. Folks like St. Francis of Assisi, Mary the sister of Martha, Teresa of Avila, Henri Nouwen, Thomas Merton, John Wesley, Rob Bell, Julian of Norwich, Richard Rohr, and Matthew Fox – just to name a few. Well known and well-published possessors of a knowing heart. I believe there are so many others that we see and we know but who move through this life so in tune to the hearts of others they do not have time to tell us their stories.

That’s part of what I want to do with this blog – tell heart stories that transform us. Heart stories that open our eyes and our imaginations to the movement of the Holy Spirit – in our hearts and in our world. Stories that will inspire you and I to dig deeper, sit still longer, and listen more intently for the soft still voice of God.